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Twitch TV
Jul 18, 2016 Gaming

Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. Each month, more...

Ricks Radio Show
Jul 18, 2016 Music

Ricks Radio jazz, blues, and rock'n roll with international music news. Ricks Radio is the best...

Animal New York
Jul 4, 2016 Movies

Animal New York is film, art, spectacle and the word from the streets of New York. You can find...

WebTV Online TV
Jun 16, 2012 Regional

WebTV Pk where you can watch internet tv channels across the world absolutely Free Watch Live...

Big Free TV
May 27, 2012 Watch TV Online

Watch online television on your computer for free, free tv see the world tv on your PC, watch...

NY Live Video Blog
Aug 29, 2007 Regional

NY Live launched this summer and is aggressively working to become the definitive Internet...

TrendHunter TV
Oct 23, 2008 Entertainment

TREND HUNTER is the world's largest trend spotting and cool hunting community. It is an explosion...

Web TV Hub
Aug 28, 2007 Smorgasbord

Web TV Hub Watch Internet Television &Cool Videos

Mania TV
Aug 28, 2007 Entertainment

The ManiaTV Network delivers pop culture entertainment to more than 10 million youth and young...

MTV Overdrive
Aug 24, 2005 Entertainment

MTV Overdrive is mass marketing, mass music appeal for the mass buyer. This is where you find all...

Indy MogulMovies
Takkle High School SportsSports & Recreation
WWITV Watch TV Online
ViewTV UKWatch TV Online

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Major Video Site Cleanup

posted on Jul 18, 2016

Wow! Today I spent hours testing every site in our online video guide. It was quite a chore and quite enlightening.

Since we started this online tv guide to find the best video sites back in 2006 there were a lot of sites to clean up. Surprisingly many of the older sites were still up and thriving. It seems it depended on the niche and the committment of the administrator to keeping it alive.

I started with 329 sites in the database and now that I am finished there are only about 160 sites. They represent millions of videos for various niches and 100,000's of tv channels from around the world. There is no online video guide doing more for its' users than Check it out!

If you find a site that is parked, goes to some commercial site, or is not what we have it listed as, please tell us right away. We really want to keep this working.

I am going to spend time this summer finding other interesting niche video sites that work for various community interests.

Have a good summer folks!


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