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China Banned From OnlineTV

Chinese lust for porn shuts valve off.

A ban on all traffic from China to OnlineTV websites took affect last week. Sites like Chicago Blues, Alien, Movie TV and even MusicTV Share are now off limits to the Chinese people. This is not a move by the Chinese government at political censorship but a response from OnlineTV to the growing popularity and unquenchable Chinese thirst for porn. Fights Net Neutrality

Rupert Murdock and his powerful News Corp teamed up with the other media giant NBC Universal to bring about the massive video outlet. Many may wonder why it is not listed at OnlineTV Video Guide and they explained, “Hulu promotes the idea that the Internet should be a divided world with borders. Where the big guys pick and choose who gets the content.”

Hundreds of Live Video Website Sharing Communities

Find hundreds of the best video websites! Share videos free and watch them for free. Find over 10,000 live TV broadcasts in our Online TV category and watch broadcast TV from hundreds of countries. The collection of amazing websites grows to over 300 quality niche video websites and OnlineTV US brings it all into an advanced search format.

OnlineTV Video Guide Expands

OnlineTV launches new website look, feel and function.

While trying to maintain it's modern look and clean Web 2.0 css OnlineTV has moved its OnlineTV Video Guide to the best video websites onto a new CMS software system at a new address .

While the next week will be bumpy the new software will take OnlineTV Video Guide to greater functionality for a better user experience.


NYCTV was formed in early 1998 as part of the programming for the city of New York and surrounding area via IP platforms and forms an integral part of the OnlineTV Networks. NYCTV is proud to celebrate being 10 years old this New Years Eve.

NYCTV Video Share Website Wants New Stars

NYCTV Calls for video producer programing!
Nyctv new video share site

Nyctv has outdone themselves with the lastest in video share technology. Impressive and simple the site allows people to upload and create groups of shows to feature their works. Everything from the avant garde to the latest street festivals are appearing as New Yorkers and everyone finds this site.




Online TV Top 10 Niche Video Sharing Websites

OnlineTV guide has named the Top 10 Niche Video Websites for December. Teams of writers and reviewers have spent weeks to find the best new niche video sites. The first Top Ten Niche Video Websites have now been announced. Each site was looked at for content, niche, originality, and attention to direction and consumer experience.

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